Inside Harvest Hope: An untold story

Reggie Carter, Warehouse Manager at Harvest Hope Food Bank explains to Janet Parker the process of how shipments come into the warehouse.

COLUMBIA (WACH)--"I'm not ashamed to say that I grew up on the other side of the stick where you can look in the back of the refridgerator, there's nothing there."

Reggie Carter recalls a time when he, like more than a million people in South Carolina, went to bed hungry.

"Sometimes we didn't have electricity, sometimes we didn't have running water," says Carter "So I know what it feels like. I know exactly what some of the people that's out there in that line that's stretched out in the morning when you first come in; I know what they're going through."

Now after 12 years of working at Harvest Hope Food Bank, Reggie is the person making sure families are fed.

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"I took my time to want to learn every aspect about the food bank; from driving, yes, I drove the trucks," Reggie says with a smile, "worked in the pantries, worked in the Lexington building; I've pretty much been all the way around."

Reggie is now the Warehouse Manager and a major part of Harvest Hope's daily mission.

"His role is very important because without him, managing the trucks coming in that needs to be unloaded," says Denise Holland, Executive Director of Harvest Hope. "The trucks going out that need to be loaded and just sticking to that time table; we could not get the food distributed that we do."

He's also managing a team of workers and enstilling his dedication in them to get food to those in need.

"Its like a big puzzle. I can take Ed, for instance, put him up in Product Rescue I can bring Derrick to the back, do a full inventory or I can take Mike, take him over to the pantry so we try to cross train everybody so that if I am out, it can keep going," says Carter.

From every donation that comes in to every box that's packaged, there isn't anything at Harvest Hope Food Bank that Reggie isn't aware of; but he's also aware that it's more than just a job.

Carter says, "Being here all these years has really helped me see that it was more than just me. People can become selfish and think about just themselves at the moment but its bigger. Hunger does not discrimminate. Hunger doesn't care what color you are, hunger doesn't care what kind of car you drive. Hunger doesn't care what kind of house you live in. Hunger is a reality."

The 14th Annual Share Your Holiday Food Drive is set for Wednesday, November, 28th from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. There are two drop-off locations, First Baptist Church located at 1306 Hampton Street and The Palmetto Citizens Federal Credit Union in Lexington. Online donations are accepted throughout the year.