Inside look at preps for Democratic National Convention

Preparation at the time Warner Cable Arena for the Democratic National Convention began in July.

CHARLOTTE, NC (WACH) -- Wednesday, dozens of reporters who will be covering the 2012 Democratic National Convention received an inside look at how the Party is getting ready for this major event.

With a $7 million dollar price tag, construction of the platform, seating and lighting began in July.

"'The Cadillac' as we call it, is where the center camera is. You can start to see some network platforms going in. Over at the far side of the arena you can see the screens going up," says Theo LeCompte, DNCC Chief Operating Officer.

As the tour continued, reporters stopped at the Bobcats practice court facility.

Teh facility has been turned into a media workroom that includes internet access and telephone lines.

The next stop: upper level suites.

For this round, reporters had to wear hardhats. These suites are being converted into mini broadcast studios.

All of the changes look nice, but how is it being paid for?

"We have had thousands and thousands of more donors because of our grassroots efforts," says Steve Kerrigan, DNCC Chief Executive Officer.

The DNCC says it did not accept any money from lobbyists or political action committees, but depended on funding from social media, email campaigns and an online merchandise store.

The final stop on the tour at the Time Warner Cable Arena was backstage, where the different speakers will be preparing before they take to the platform.

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