Interview 101: Attitude Can Make Or Break It

COLUMBIA (WACH)"The September unemployment numbers dropped 1/10 a percent from August TMs 11.1 to 11 percent, which is a move in the right direction, however, South Carolina still deals with a ranking the forth highest in the nation.

According to Richland County Public Library Job Center TMs Lori Cook, an employer may see over 100 resumes, and only select 10 people to interview. Cook offers several tips to job seekers who make the initial cut from resume to an interview.

Cook says there are several things to keep in mind as you go into an interview.

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Be likeable and show your personality, she says, Your passion for the job and the company is what will set you apart. Additionally, do research on the company. What is the mission, values, recent news, and annual report of the company?

Cook also says that practice is key to a successful interview, noting that the RPCL Job Center offers interview practice every Wednesday. There is no appointment or cost for the service, it is first come first serve.

The RCPL Job Center is open to the public, and the services are free. Membership to the library is not necessary. Information can be found at the library website , or by calling 803.929.3401