Interviewing 202: The Behavioral Method

COLUMBIA (WACH)"The unemployment numbers continue to slowly decline, however, with unemployment numbers in the Palmetto State 11 percent, there are a large number of candidates for each position.

According to The Richland County Public Library TMs Lori Cook, there can be between 100 and 200 resumes for an open position, which creates the need for information and a presentation that will stand out.

If you are among the 5 to 10 candidates selected, a positive outcome and potential job offer can be dictated by the interview. Cook says that a new interview method is being utilized by many employers that veers away from the traditional tell me about yourself question.

Behavioral Interviewing, according to Cook focuses on experiences, knowledge, and skills that a candidate has acquired through their professional career. The most accurate predictor of future performance is past performance, says Cook.Questions about how you reacted or responded to a challenge can give a potential employer an idea of your mindset and decision making. The key is preparation, says Cook, who offers the S.T.A.R. method as a way to handle the questions.

When posed a behavioral question, start with outlining the situation (S) that you were involved with that resulted in a positive outcome. Describe the tasks (T) involved in the situation. Next, talk about what action (A) you took to resolve or complete the task, and finally the results (R) of the action.Cook says that although the interview is interested in your answer, they also may be just as interested in your confidence, passion, and enthusiasm.

The RCPL Job Center is open to the public, and the services are free. Membership to the library is not necessary. Information can be found at the library website , or by calling 803.929.3401