Investigation continues as Drexel disappearance marks second anniversary

Drexel was last seen leaving the BlueWater Resort on Ocean Boulevard. / FILE

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WACH, WPDE) -- It was exactly two years ago Monday, April 25, that Brittanee Drexel, a teenager from New York on the Grand Strand for spring break, disappeared.

Drexel was last seen leaving the BlueWater Resort on Ocean Boulevard. She was never seen again. She was 17-years-old at the time.

Since then, police, from Myrtle Beach to Georgetown, and Charleston to state police, have taken on the investigation of her whereabouts.

Related Stories Myrtle Beach police work new lead in Brittanee Drexel case Fundraisers planned in search for missing NY teen Special team called in for SC missing teen case Drexel seems to also remain in the public consciousness as authorities continue to receive tips. The week before the second anniversary, Police got a tip from someone who heard information about Drexel that the tipster considered unusual and suspicious.

"We are doing another search," said Myrtle Beach detective Lt. Chuck Capp. "We're gonna have a larger group of people come in to assist us and complete another search in an area of interest."

Capp does not want to reveal the exact location of the search, but says it will not be in Georgetown County, where the teenager's cell phone transmitted its last known signal the day after she went missing.

"It's a little closer to home and closer to our jurisdiction, but we'd rather remain vague at this point."

Drexel's family has also not given up home, making the trip from New York to the Grand Strand several times a year to hold fundraisers, create awareness, and help search for Brittanee.

"We know that the law enforcement and also the CUE Center for Missing Persons is not giving up. Her case has remained active and we're very fortunate for that," Brittanee's mother Dawn Drexel said.

Capp says a task force involving investigators from Myrtle Beach, Georgetown County, Charleston County and the State Law Enforcement Division is assigned to the case, following leads that he says on occasion come in clusters and at other times, follow a long dry spell.

If you have any information, regardless of how small you think it could be, police encourage you to contact them. You can call Myrtle Beach Police at (843) 918-1300.