Investigators: Blossom Street Bridge crash an intentional act

Blossom Street Bridge

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Acting Police Chief Melron Kelly announces the completion of the Blossom Street bridge investigation.

Columbia Police Department officers responded to a crash on Blossom Street shortly after 9:30am on Thursday, January 16 after an emergency call regarding a car that struck the guardrail at the north side of the Blossom Street Bridge.

The car plummeted approximately 50 feet into the Congaree River.

The two occupants died as a result of their injuries.

The Traffic Safety Unit has determined that the incident was a deliberate act as defined by the Uniform Traffic Accident Report Instruction Manual.

Investigators are unable to clearly determine which occupant contributed to the event.

TSU has concluded that the accident was not a motor vehicle collision as defined by the South Carolina Department of Public Safety because the driver refrained from prudent acts which would have prevented occurrence of the event, aggressive steering, driver accelerated through the bridgeâ??s guardrail, no road hazards present, no weather-related conditions or hazards, no mechanical failure, and witness accounts. Witnesses say the vehicle did not appear to be out of control, swerving or excessively speeding prior to crashing into the bridge.

â??This tragic event continues to take an emotional toll on both families.â?? Says Chief Kelly. â??Unfortunately the only people who truly know what led up to the incident and what really happened are not here to explain the situation.â??

This case is closed pending any additional information that may be discovered.