Investigators seize drugs, weapons, cash, stolen computer

Darrin D. Harrison, 17, was arrested and charged with receiving stolen goods with a value of $2,000.

ORANGEBURG, SC (WACH) - Drugs, weapons, cash, and a stolen computer were seized in separate investigations by Orangeburg County investigators. Three men have been arrested.

Sheriff Leroy Ravenell with the Orangeburg Sheriff's Office announced today, "Investigators from the Narcotics and Special Operations Divisions conducted three separate search warrants on Thursday that netted more than 60 grams of marijuana, 9.8 grams of cocaine, 6.1 grams of crack, a 12 gauge shotgun, a 9mm pistol, a 9 mm High Point pistol, a .25 caliber pistol, more than $6,000 in cash, and a laptop stolen from South Carolina State University."

According to a report, Dwayne Singleton, 35, was arrested on multiple drug charges after possessing a quantity of marijuana and cocaine. When marijuana and cocaine were found in his Norway residence, Singleton claimed the drugs and admitted that he does sell the substances.

Darrin D. Harrison, 17, was arrested and charged with receiving stolen goods with a value of $2,000 or less. During the execution of a search warrant at an Orangeburg residence, a laptop computer reported stoled from South Carolina State University was found in Harrison's bedroom. It is reported that Harrison gave the laptop to his mother for her birthday last year.

Jonathan Thompson, 35, was arrested on multiple charges including possession of stolen weapons, drug possession, and distributing drugs near a school. Investigators found a HI Point 9 mm pistol that was reported stolen in Thompson's bedroom at his home in Orangeburg. Marijuana wrapped in individual bags was also found during the execution of the search warrant. Thompson admitted that the pistol and the marijuana were his.

Investigators seized approximately 20.6 grams of marijuana from inside Thompson's home, which is less than a mile away from Nix Alternative School.

â??The men and women of the Orangeburg County Sheriffâ??s Office are consistently following my expressed directions to make this county safer and remove criminals and narcotics from our streets. I am proud of the improvements we have made to investigate and make arrests in some of the countyâ??s problem areas,â?? said Ravenell.