Irmo man remembers crashing on the Hudson 5 years later

Mike Kollmansberger is number in the picture

IRMO (WACH) --Five years ago Mike Kollmansberger boarded a plane from New York City Charlotte, North Carolina when the unexpected happened.

US Airways flight 1549 was in the air for less than five minutes when the plane hit a bird and the engine stopped working.

The Irmo man explains the sound as a loud bang, followed by silence amongst the passengers.

He says the plane took a slight turn before captain sully glided along the hudson river to safe landing.

"The thing it did show me was you can have your plan and you can work that plan but sometimes, plans only go so far and are interrupted and clearly mine were," said K


Kollmansberger adds that day has taught him to be prepared for anything.

Several passengers celebrated the five year anniversary of the miracle on the Hudson in Charlotte where the plane is displayed at the Carolina Aviation Museum.