Irmo residents seek action to tear down crumbling house

Some Irmo residents are calling on elected officials to clean up their neighborhood.

IRMO, SC (WACH) - Some Irmo residents are calling on elected officials to clean up their neighborhood.

It started late 2009, early 2010 after Kerri Kerr moved her family into the Lexington neighborhood. She says what started out as a problem with an unmaintained yard, soon turned into an unlivable environment because of one of their neighbors.

"Overtime it has gotten worst, and now the windows are falling out," said Kerri Kerr. "You can see the foundation, the wood through the bricks."

Kerr explains she's reached out to the Lexington County Code of Enforcement on several occasions by phone and by e-mail, sending pictures of the crumbling house. She adds that the Code of Enforcement told her due to budget, the Seton Road house could not be torn down, but only boarded up.

"We're taxpayers. There has got to be room in there somewhere," said Kerr.

Kerr says she has tried to sell her home, but nobody will buy it.

But the wife and mother of three isn't alone in her opinion.

Lexington County Councilman Brad Matthews telling WACH Fox in an email that "These types of homes are directly affecting the property values of those immediately surrounding them in a negative manner. I stand by my previous statements that one homeowners property rights end where another begins and in a neighborhood, whether with a home owners association or not, there needs to be some type of restrictions for these abandoned, run-down properties."

In 2012, council members introduced an ordinance to enforce property maintenance in all Lexington County districts, but the measure was shot down. Councilman Matthews says he plans to re-introduce the ordinance this summer in an effort to hold homeowners accountable for the upkeep of their properties.

If that ordinance is passed this summer, homeowners who violate the ordinance will receive a fine.

WACH Fox reached out to Lexington County Code of Enforcement.

Officials tell us they are researching the matter.

WACH Fox News will continue to follow this story.