Is Shopping in Grocery Stores a Thing of the Past?

Growing trend of online grocery retailers.

Columbia (WACH) -- Could grocery shopping in stores be a thing of the past?

Some online retailers are offering grocery delivery services.

Local grocery store managers are hesitant about the idea...

They say it takes away a big part of the shopping experience...Seeing everything a store may have to offer.

"online shopping...I don't know if...Unless it's a company that you know is reputable, that you know what you're getting, that would maybe be a hesitation that you're getting a fresh product." says Kroger store manager Stephen Leonard.

We compared prices of common items you can get in a store and online.

Bananas are available on Amazon Fresh...Only in certain areas...For 1.49 for 5.

We found them in store for 59 cents a pound...Roughly 1.47 for 5.

Raisin Bran comes in at 3.68.

The cereal was on sale in store for 3.49.

Online retailers usually charge a subscription fee for delivery.

Local stores say by shopping online...You're missing out on a whole experience.

"You get the friendly faces, you get fresh product, a clean environment. Also the savings we have each day, fuel points that you spend with us, so there's a lot of great perks." says Leonard.

But some say online grocery shopping has potential...

Mostly due to the convenience factor.

They also say big box stores can use their own ways to keep up with that...

"what you do see right now is...I think most grocers at this point do have some sort of online presence whether it's their own website or just a facebook social media presence but most retailers do understand the importance of being online." says executive director of the SC retailers association Lindsey Kueffner.