Islamic Center set to â??Share Islamâ?? for a day

Trying to dispel misconceptions about Islam and Muslims, thatâ??s what a Midlands Islamic Center hopes to do.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Twenty-year-old Jaylon Jones just went through a life changing experience.

â??It was something I knew I wanted to do for about six months now,â?? said Jones, who recently became Muslim. He says he was looking for a new direction in life.

â??I hope it will be a change for the better in my life, thatâ??s what I did it for,â?? said Jones.

Jones is just one of the many Muslims who are a part of the Islamic Center of Columbia located on Gervais Street in downtown Columbia. The center is set to host a share Islam Day on Saturday where they hope to raise awareness about being Muslim and dispel common misconceptions about Islam.

For example, condoning unjustifiable killings and trying to convert everyone.

â??Islam forbids coercion or compulsion in religion,â?? says Mutahhir Sabree, Islamic Center of Columbia.

Jones adds to the growing number of Muslims that are becoming apart of the U.S.

The Council on Foreign Relations is an independent think tank. Researchers there cite a Pew Survey showing the Muslim population in the United States, as in Europe, is expected to double by 2030 because of immigration and higher birth rates.

Sabree says contrary to what some may believe, Muslims are not given into acts of violence, extremism and terrorism.

â??Islam really is a way of life that promotes the establishment of peace through the establishment of justice and through the establishment of fairness,â?? says Sabree.

Jones says he's excited about his new chapter in his life.

â??Positive change, progression instead of going backwards,â?? says Jones.

Share Islam Day takes place Saturday, April 20. It starts at 5:30 p.m. at the Islamic Center of Columbia.

Visitors will take part in a tour of the mosque, participate in dinner and will be given a copy of the Koran.