Jackpots still climbing in Lottery games

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Listen up Lottery players; you have another chance to cash in big. The Mega Millions has once again rolled over into an estimated $312 million jackpot.

Lottery officials say that's the second highest jackpot in the game's history since 2010's $380 million winning prize.

Ticket sales continue to be brisk in South Carolina, says the Lottery's Executive Director Paula Harper Bethea. Since the Mega Millions jackpot run started, the Lottery has had two winning tickets worth $250,000, one sold in Goose Creek and one in Beech Island.

The drawing will take place Friday at 11 p.m. The $1 tickets are available wherever South Carolina Education Lottery tickets are sold.

Lottery officials say the chances of winning are approximately 1 in 175 million.

The Powerball lottery jackpot is exceptionally high this week as well. Saturday's drawing is up to $125 million.

Having two jackpots advertised at more than $100 million for both games is rare and unbelievably exciting, adds Bethea. We want our players to have fun, and please remember to play responsibly.

Are you going to play? If you won, what would you do with the money?