Jenny Sanford returns to SC to sign new book

Jenny Sanford will be in Columbia Friday evening to sign copies of her memoir.

South Carolina first lady Jenny Sanford, after making the rounds of national media interviews to promote her new book, is back in the state to sign more copies.

Sanford signs copies of "Staying True," her memoir about her marriage and breakup from Gov. Mark Sanford, at a Barnes & Noble in Columbia on Friday.

She has a second book signing set for Saturday in Mount Pleasant.

Jenny Sanford has filed for divorce from her husband -- a divorce that will be finalized later this month.

The governor says he hasn't read the book but will. He says he hasn't seen his wife's national broadcast interviews because he took care of their four sons while she was on tour promoting the book.

WACH FOX News reporter Katie Williams hit the streets to see if South Carolinians are interested in the book. It's split down the middle.

Some people want to go out and buy it, others say they've heard enought when it comes to the Sanford family. Click on the video link to watch people's comments.