Jesus Culture hoping to transform lives through music

Itâ??s a musical phenomenon swiping the Christian and mainstream community. A one night musical event aimed at transforming your life as well as the opportunity to help a child from another country meet their potential.

CHARLOTTE, NC (WACH) -- What started out as a youth group from a church out of California, has grown into what we know now as Jesus Culture.

Itâ??s the name of a ministry movement traveling across the nation and the world.

â??We knew we wanted to raise up a kind of a counter culture movement but I thought I just donâ??t want it to be counter culture, we really want to be a Jesus Culture. For us this whole thing is about Jesus and we really want a generation to encounter him,â?? says Banning Liebscher, Director Jesus Culture.

Jesus Culture holds what they call â??One Nights."

For some it may look like a concert, but the band says thatâ??s not their intent.

â??A lot of times when you label something a concert it might just put a pre-determined mindset out there, that people come with this thought that Iâ??m just going to be entertained, Iâ??m just there to watch and thatâ??s not really our heart,â?? says Kim Walker-Smith, Worship Leader, Jesus Culture.

The Jesus Culture band says they believe it's their responsibility to set an atmosphere of music, where people can find the peace and healing that they need through the power of Jesus Christ.

â??We want you to encounter God. We know that if you really encounter God, encounter his love, youâ??ll encounter his power to forgive you of your sins and set you free,â?? says Liebscher.

The â??One Nightsâ?? also offer an opportunity to sponsor a child from another country through an organization called Food for the Hungry, a Christian organization serving the poor globally since 1971. A one time donation or monthly contribution can help clothe, educate and feed a child in poverty.

As for the â??One Nightâ?? events, Kim Walker-Smith, one of the bands worship leaders, says singing with conviction and passion makes all the difference, when it comes to finding the healing and restoration that you need.

â??People are led best by example. I could just stand up there and run through the motions of just singing songs but when people see a heart that is on fire and passionate about worshipping Jesus, I feel like thatâ??s a greater example to a generation then for me just to speak it out,â?? says Walker-Smith.

Jesus Culture is now preparing for their upcoming three day conference in Los Angeles.