Job market competitive for new grads

Columbia, (WACH) â?? Thousands of college graduates will receive their diplomas this weekend, and many of them will be competing against each other for jobs.

The economy maybe improving, but employers are still choosy. Graduates need every intangible they can get to stand out from the pack.

"Develop goals, and make sure you're using the tools available,â?? said the Director of USCâ??s Career Center Tom Halasz.

Most universities have alumni associations in nearly every major city. Halasz also encourages graduates to get their resume up on the social networking Linkedin, and make sure your resume is polished.

"A resume doesn't get a person a job, but it opens doors, and it also closes doors."

And even the slightest blemish in your online profile could be costly.

"Even in a retail job I had my manager could see my Facebook profile and he would comment over a picture," said USC graduate Dustin Martin. "You just have to put a presentable picture of yourself out there."

Halasz says no matter what school you graduate from, be sure to connect with your local alumni association.