Judge: McMaster must turn over any documents

Governor-Elect Nikki Haley

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -- A judge says South Carolina's attorney general must surrender any correspondence between his office and the governor-elect in the case of a Republican legislator who says they trampled his right to a fair trial.

Florence Rep. Kris Crawford says Attorney General Henry McMaster and Gov.-elect Nikki Haley inappropriately discussed his case in an attempt to separate Haley from Crawford's tax woes. Crawford is charged with failing to file state income tax returns on time.

Haley has been repeatedly fined for paying her personal income taxes late.

Haley said she and her husband paid late but maintained contact with the government. She publicly accused Crawford of ignoring the government. Crawford denies that.

The judge Tuesday quashed the subpoena for Haley asking for correspondence with McMaster, tax documents and cell phone bills.

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