Justice for Andy: One mother's mission

4 years after his murder, Andy Powells mother and detectives continue to follow clues that will lead to the arrest of his killer.

GASTON (WACH) - On the evening of September 24, 2009, Andy Powell was in his Gaston home at

225 Goodwin Road

. At around 11:30 p.m., someone(s) burst into his door, and according to the Lexington County Sheriffâ??s Department, beat him, bound his hands, and shot him. Four years later, detectives are still looking for those responsible.

"I got a phone call that Andy was dead, and I didn't believe it" says Powell's mother, Debbie Powell, "I drove over here (to the house), and saw the ambulance and police cars, and I knew something had happened.â?? According to his mother, Powell lived with his step-father, Billy Mack Powell, who discovered him about 4 1/2 hours after the murder.

"I don't know why anyone would want to hurt him," she says, "He had a ton of friends...everybody loved him, and he loved everybody," she said.

A statement released by Sheriff James Metts on the 4 year anniversary of the crime stated that investigators have identified â??persons of interest,â?? going on to say that â??it appears that the shooting was not a random act.â??

According to

Lexington County Sheriff's Department

Lt. Scottie Friar, multiple people were involved in the incident. Although there is some information that is being intentionally withheld for investigative purposes, Friar did indicate that the suspects entered the residence, and appeared to â??know their way around.â?? He said that there was evidence of a struggle, and that efforts were made to restrict Powellâ??s movement. Powell was then shot in the torso. A getaway car appears to have also been close to Powellâ??s house. Friar also pointed out that narcotics were discovered in the house during the investigation.

Lexington County detectives aren't the only ones investigating the murder. Debbie Powell continues to interview witnesses, talk to anyone who will listen, listens to anyone who will talk, and gathers as much information about who killed her son as possible.

Debbie Powell explained that after his death, she says that her son and her husband had been in Orangeburg, where, according to Powell, someone pulled a gun on the two men. â??It was two days later that this happened,â?? she said referring to Andyâ??s death. Powell passed this information onto investigators after Andyâ??s death.

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Friar says that the case isnâ??t necessarily what they consider cold. "We are closeâ?¦thereâ??s just that one phone call. Just one person to come forward," says Friar.

Although the murder happened 4 years ago, Andyâ??s mother refuses to stop her search for her son's killer. â??Please help me. â??Help me find the evidence that we need to prosecute the people that killed my son,â?? she pleads, â??Please, Iâ??m begging you. Help us to help get justice for Andy.â??

Anyone with information is urged to contact

Crime Stoppers

or call 1-888-CRIME SC. There is a reward being offered for information in the case that leads to an arrest.