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      Keeping drivers safe by changing their behavior on the roads

      COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - The Richland County Sheriff's Department is working to make a difference on the streets by changing driver-behavior.

      "When we make a traffic stop, it's because we observed a violation," said Rudy Osteen who works with RCSD Traffic Safety Unit.

      Violations such as driving left to center, failure to giving a signal, and speeding are among the many that Osteen sees on a daily basis.

      "Speeding is one of our most severe crimes," said Osteen. "Speeding leads to other issues such as crashes, injuries, and fatalities."

      Sheriff Leon Lott is putting in the extra measures to decrease traffic violations.

      Random traffic safety check points are one way to help drivers become more cautious behind the wheel.

      Osteen says depending on the area for the most wrecks and arrests made for drunk driving, that is how checkpoint locations are determined.

      "We don't do a very good job driving motor vehicles from the violations Ive seen throughout the year," said Osteen. "I feel we can do a lot better."

      In a new report by, South Carolina ranks number-two in the nation with the worst drivers.

      In comparison to 2012, Osteen says there is still more work to be done to help keep drivers safe on the road.