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      Keeping the wild in the animals at Riverbanks Zoo

      COLUMBIA (WACH) â?? Riverbanks Zoo has more than two thousand animals to care for, and it can be a challenge for zookeepers to create an engaging environment that is as close to their natural habitat as possible.

      Extensive research and design goes into making each exhibit special for each animal that will live at the zoo.

      The animals are provided with spaces that are designed to look and feel like home. Continued enrichment efforts happen every day at Riverbanks to keep the wild in the animals.

      Animal enrichment challenges and stimulates the animals while offering interesting and fun tasks. Some animals get to break open coconuts and others enjoy eating frozen food and nutrients in a 10 gallon pale. All of the animals enjoy problem solving activities as part of their enrichment.

      Animal keeper Maggie McCort says that that enrichment is often done with our pets, point out the use of a Kong toy or other means of tasking a pet to get to their food.

      Riverbanks is inviting the public to their Enrichment Day on Saturday, September 15. The special day will include a silent auction, crafts, activities and other events.

      For more information on enrichment, the enrichment day, and the Bowling for Rhinos event on July 21, visit the zoo's website.