Kenny Miles says he is battling depression, anxiety in new statement

Kenny Miles

COLUMBIA (WACH)â??Former USC football player Kenny Miles addresses suicide attempt and diagnosis in his new statement.

In a statement released today
, Miles says he tried to take his own life and was professionally diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety. Miles says he is receiving the proper treatment at this time.

â??I encourage anyone who thinks they may be having signs of depression or may know of someone showing signs to seek help immediately,â?? says Miles. â??I thank God for His Grace and for blessing me with great family, friends and fans that have been my support system throughout this ordeal.â??


was formerly charged with providing false information to law enforcement

after being found shot in November.

The sheriff initially reported the shooting was a result of a robbery, but after following an investigation that lasted several days, it was determined that Miles shot himself in the arm.

17.5 million Americans are affected by some form of depression and 9.2 have major clinical depression. For more information on suicide or depression and how to get help, visit the Suicide Prevention Resource Center.