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      Kershaw County parent questions education funding

      Camden, S.C. (WACH) - An electrician by day, Robert Price spends most of his free time on somewhat of a crusade. He wants to change the way education is funded in South Carolina.

      "Other than sit around and talk in the bars and complain or talk at church and complain, or talk at work and complain; what can I do to really be effective to help open the eyes of the political people who fund the education system?â??

      Price, who has a daughter in the Kershaw school system, is launching a petition drive to change the formula state lawmakers use to fund education.

      He says the law requires the state spend $2,790 on each student every year; but they're only spending $1,880. Price wants to know where that money is going.

      "Not one dime has the governor planning to give to public education, out of 900 million dollars. Thereâ??s something wrong with that picture, I don't care if Picasso paints it."

      Kershaw school officials are painting an optimistic picture of this year's budget. District superintendent Frank Morgan says in an online survey, residents listed reducing class size and giving pay raises to teachers as their priorities. "Our hope is the revenue picture is good enough, to be able to bring back some of the things we've lost over the past few years,â?? adds Morgan.

      Priceâ??s petition isn't legally binding regardless he says he's collected 2,000 signatures and hopes to reach 25,000 by the summer.