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      Kids Kamp uplifting a town in turmoil

      SOUTH CONGAREE (WACH) -- There hasn't been a happy tune playing over the last several weeks in South Congaree.

      Last month federal and state investigators served warrants on the town and five leaders including the mayor have resigned.

      While the community waits for answers they're not missing a beat.

      Recently the town has seen a spike in activity for Kids Kamp.

      Every year the camp teaches hundreds of children life lessons they can use every day.

      "You'll learn to open up and to let people in and to talk to them and it becomes easier to break out of that shyness and break out of your shell," said Megan Duncan.

      Duncan is attending her fourth Kids Kamp and says the lessons she's learned over the years have shaped her into a new person.

      She says some of the Christian discipline taught here is helping her become a better student.

      "If I did not sit down and try to learn those verses I would not be able to sit down and learn a whole entire chapter for a school test. I mean that really develops your mind," adds Duncan.

      We teach a lot of things you know in here of love, friendship... of not to fear," said Billy Craps.

      This is the 14th year for Kids Kamp and they serve children as young as four years old.

      Craps teaches at kidâ??s kamp and says almost a thousand children attend the South Congaree camp.

      Craps says over the years he's seen many young people choose different life paths thanks to the camp.

      The impact of this camp is tremendous. I always tell people there's nothing ever been anything bigger that I've been apart of then this camp, to see lives change," said Craps.

      It shows me that everyone, even the person that doesn't know me still cares about me and that they do love me," adds Duncan.

      A positive message for a town that is still trying to pull itself out of turmoil.