Knotts opponent accepts GOP endorsement

Katrina Shealy

LEXINGTON (WACH)--Katrina Shealy, petition candidate for the state Senate seat, has accepted the endorsement of the state Republican Party.

Shealy is running against incumbent Senator Jake Knotts.

â??When I am elected to the State Senate people will not have to lay awake at night wondering what deal Jake Knotts is cutting or what scheme he is entering into to benefit himself,â?? said Shealy.

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Shealy was among 250 candidates statewide who were removed from the June 12 primaries due to improperly filed paperwork.

â??They will know that I am there hard at work improving our economy, promoting our true conservative values and ensuring our kids have a brighter future. The fun and games surrounding Jake Knotts has to end. Governing is serious business and Jake Knotts has failed and lost the confidence of the people,â?? said Katrina Shealy the now Republican-endorsed candidate.