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      La-Z-Boy filling Ronald McDonald House with food and fun

      COLUMBIA (WACH) - Truckloads of food were dropped off at Columbia's Ronald McDonald House Friday morning.

      La-Z-boy of Lexington saw the need for food at the house, so employees came together collecting food and gift cards to help fill the shelves.

      "It's an amazing feeling to bring things like food into a house and for them to be so excited about it, that right there tells me there was a major need," said Dustin Degoursey general manger of La-Z-boy Lexington.

      Degoursey says pitching in to help during tough times is something everyone should do.

      "One of the most important things that we have here on Earth, in my opinion, is time, and if we can give up some of our time to somebody who needs can we spend our time any better," adds Degoursey.

      "These are the happy days that we have. We get to cherish them. I wish every story ended happily, but it doesen't always work out like that. What we want to do is make sure we provide those services that make the family happy," said Karen Marinelli Executive Director of the Ronald McDonald House.

      The Ronald McDonald House provides a home away from home for people reciving medical treatments.

      Friday, Degoursey delivered toys and food, and one of the children gave him a special delivery; a hug.

      "To give her that bag of toys and have her take all that out and see the smile that came to her face, just knowing the situation with the young lady was a memory I'll hold onto for life," said Degoursey .

      A memory that will help many families during a time in need.