Ladies take over Lake Murray

CHAPIN (WACH) - It was an absolutely gorgeous day to be outside, especially out on Lake Murray.

Some safety professionals took advantage of that opportunity to teach some students about boating safety.

But this class was a little different because it was all women at the wheel.

"When you're out on the lake you'll see people speeding and going fast all the time and you want to know what to do, how to get away from them. Just want to know how to control your boat in a bad incident or in a good incident. Just so you can have fun on the lake." says Robin Jones.

Robin is a sophomore Ladies Day On the Lake student, having been to the class on Lake Murray last June.

She says you can never know too much about boating safety.

Robin even brought her daughter this year to make sure they both know how to stay safe on the water.

The day-long Ladies On the Lake class shows women how to drive a jet-ski, properly dock a boat, and learn general safety information that very well could come in handy some day.

"You know, the lady may be riding with her husband. Something may happen to him and she needs to bring the boat to shore. So she needs to understand how to operate the boat and then at the same time, get it on the dock when she arrives." says Andy Hyman, the president of the Lake Murray Association.

But Robin says she learned much more than a laundry list of safety tips.

She says the hands-on class gave her valuable real-life skills she can use the next time she's on the lake.

"They're showing me the different islands. She's like 'This is Susan and Ebert' and giving me different landmarks to remember so when I come back, and I'm out on the lake, if anything ever happens, your GPS doesn't work, you can look at these islands and say 'Oh yeah,that's the tower. I can come back to that tower' and you'll know where to go." Robin explains.

And the different parts of the course taught her lessons she hopes to use in the future.

There was also an added bonus.

"You'll learn how to back the boat up in the water. You'll learn how to drive the boat with the trailer. You'll learn how to jet-ski and drive the boat. So, perfect. It's just fun. And it's all ladies, so you don't have any men telling you what to do." laughs Robin.

Ladies Day On the Lake was a collaborative effort between the Lake Murray Association, the Department of Natural Resources, Columbia Watersports, and the Lake Murray Power Squadron.

The class is offered every year in June so if you missed it this year, be on the lookout next summer.

However, any of these organizations are always willing to answer any boating safety questions you may have.