Laid off on first day of work

Turned away from job on first day.

CAYCE, S.C. (WACH)--A Midlands man set to start a job was turned away on the first day.

Christopher Malone has been unemployed for nearly 2 years.

His luck started to change when he received a job offer from Amazon.

"I'm waking up and I'm excited oh baby the bills are going to be paid and things are going to be back on track," said Malone.

Chris reported for work Monday evening and when he arrived they told him that the job had been filled.

"I went from a little kid excited for Christmas to someone who just robbed a bank and going to jail for the rest of their life, that's honestly how it felt," said Malone.

The West Columbia man was recruited by a staffing company called SMX, the organization staffs Amazon employees.

Shortly after being turned away Chris contacted SMX and they told him to report back to work next week but he is doubtful he'll have a position.

"It's starts Monday October 8, 1pm to 11pm but I'm not sure if that's even a guarantee," said Malone.

An Amazon spokesperson says that the company is hiring ant that they will look into the issue.

There has been no response from the staffing company that turned Malone away.