Large Lugoff tomatoes ripe from the vine

Alan's market has much more than just tomatoes

Plump and juicy tomatoes right off the vine from right here in the midlands.

"Oh, it's so good," says Alan Schneck as he eats one of his home grown tomatoes.

"It tastes like an apple, except better."

But this isn't your ordinary back yard plant. Schneck has rows and rows of vines growing nearly 10-feet tall that he just planted a few months ago. They're all producing plump, juicy products.

"They've been very successful," says Schneck.

He credits that to the special variety he uses. It's called the trust tomato. Schneck warns not to let the name fool you because he says you can't just "trust" the plant will grow on your back porch. He says you need a green house and a lot of time and attention to give.

The plants are pollenated, pruned, hooked, watered, and it's all done by hand. It's hard work, but Schneck enjoys every minute of it, especially when he cuts into a big juicy one.

The tall toms will plump up any dish, but Schneck says that's not all they're good for. Eat one of his tomatoes a day, and you'll keep the doctor away.

"The tomato is very high in vitamin C. People will drive a ways to get a good tomato," says Schneck.

You don't have to drive too far, Schneck grows the plump perfections at his market and garden center in Lugoff. He has a lot more to offer there than just condiments. For now his new tomato plants are on the top of his list.

Schneck says his tomatoes are good as is. One reason might be that he doesn't use pesticides on his plants.

The number to Alan's market is: 803-438-4064. The address is 263 Longtown Rd., Lugoff, SC 29078.


Get on I-20 east toward Florence

take exit 92 toward Camden

merge right toward Lugoff-Elgin

turn Left on Longtown Rd / SC Hwy. 5

(there is no sign for Longtown Rd. It's the light at the Taco Bell)

You'll continue down Longtown Rd. and Alan's Market will be on your left