Law enforcement showdown brewing in Kershaw County

The Kershaw County Council is considering an ordinance that would create a new county police department.

KERSHAW COUNTY (WACH) -- A law enforcement showdown is brewing in Kershaw County after the county council proposed an ordinance that would create a new police department , and effectively dismantle the sheriff's office.

Sheriff Jim Matthews says he's disappointed that council came up with the plan behind closed doors and calls the proposal a mistake.

"This is a backdoor way to take power from the sheriff who answers to the people and put it in the hands of seven people," said Sheriff Matthews.

Councilman Jimmy Jones disagrees. He says council is exploring the concept to see if it would work for the area and be more efficient.

"Nothing will change unless voters go to the poll and give us approval to do it," said Jones at Thursday night's council work session.

The Kershaw County Council will have to approve the plan three times for it to appear on the November ballot. Then it's up to voters to decide if they like the idea of creating a new county police department.

The first reading of the ordinance is scheduled to take place during Tuesday's council meeting. WACH Fox will be there and bring you the very latest.

Click here to read the ordinance.

What do you think about the ordinance that would create a new county police department and strip the sheriff's office of most of its power? Post your comments below.