Law Enforcement training to counter active shooters

Richland Co. (WACH)--With recent shootings dominating the headlines lately, the South Carolina Department of Public Safety is making sure all of their officers are prepared to handle a similar situation.

South Carolina Highway Patrol officers are preparing for potential problems from active shooters by training for every and any scenario.

"We start out in the classroom, and we go through the mindset of an active shooter," Captain Art Felder said. "From there, we move into walking movements, the formations. For the last part, we run actual force on force scenarios where we use simulation weapons."

Felder said Wednesday's simulation was the 10th class out of 38. Six different scenarios were reviewed in the course.

Corporal Oliver Milhouse said this is the same training police officers and sheriff's deputies receive.

"After Columbine, many officers throughout the nation did not have the training," Milhouse said. "I have learned so much today and I have spoken to other officers. They have also learned quite a bit. In the event an active shooting arises, they need to take action. We will be ready."

The importance of active shooter training has been felt close to home this week. A Richland County Deputy was shot Tuesday afternoon. The gunman was killed. And Tuesday night, someone shot and killed a Coastal Carolina student in a residence hall.

The training continues until May; when more than 700 uniformed officers will be certified.

"I think we have been lucky here in South Carolina," Milhouse said. "But just in case, one day if this happens, by receiving this training, we will be ready."

Ready to protect and serve when duty calls.