Lawmakers introduce bill to grade governor, week after Haley says she'll grade them

SC House Floor / FILE

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Several Democratic lawmakers have introduced a bill that would require the General Assembly to grade the governor.

The bill is in response to Governor Nikki Haley last week following through on her campaign promise to let lawmakers know what she thinks of their performance by releasing legislative report cards that show the specific issues on which she will grade them.

"We are long past the days of electing people because they look good in a picture and they hold a baby well," said Haley. "If they are not going to fight for you then we can't afford to have them."

Gov. Haley's report card specifically includes issues like roll call voting, state spending limits and reorganizing state government.

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The bill introduced by Representatives John King, Todd Rutherford, Wendell Gilliard, Harold Mitchell and Christopher Hart says the General Assembly "shall grade the governor's accomplishments and performance for the fiscal year, and to specify the categories on which the governor must be graded."

According to the bill, the governor would be graded on their economic development and whether they operated in a transparent manner.

When Gov. Haley released her legislative report cards, Democratic state Sen. Phil Leventis of Sumter said the report cards amount to continued campaigning.

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Click Here to view Haley's draft grading system.