Lawmakers remove four SCSU Trustees

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH)--South Carolina leaders said enough is enough Wednesday.

After years of growing financial and ethical issues at South Carolina State University, state lawmakers voted to removed four members from the school's Board of Trustees; including Chairman Dr. Walter Tobin.

"The antics that were going on on campus, the lack of cohesion, the inability of the board to come together on decisions," Democrat Rep. Jerry Govan (Orangeburg Co.) said. "I think quite frankly, what we are looking for is a fresh start."

The other three members; including Maurice Washington, Linda Edwards-Duncan, and Jackie Epps, were up for re-election; but did not get enough votes.

"It does not say that those individuals that were serving necessarily were bad, but sometimes you get to a point at an organization in when you need change," Govan said.

In March 2012, former University President George Cooper resigned after firing 10 key school employees; but never offered an explanation.

Earlier this year, former Trustee Jonathan Pinson was in federal court accused of peddling his influence as a university board member in an Orangeburg land deal in exchange for a car.

The rebuilding process started in April when Thomas Elzey was hired as the school's new President. Former State Republican Party Boss Katon Dawson has been installed as Board Chairman; in addition to Pearl Ascue and William Junior; both voted in. They will take over July 1, 2013.

Members voted out will receive severance pay and will be on the job until June 30.