Lawmakers working to prevent another massive breach

SC lawmakers working to prevent breaches.

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -- Six months after a hacker stole the personal data of millions of South Carolina taxpayers, legislators are moving past finger-pointing hearings on who to blame and focusing on how to prevent another massive breach.

Meanwhile, the cost to taxpayers continues to climb. Cleanup of the mid-September cyber-theft from the Department of Revenue's servers has cost $25 million so far.

Senate Finance Chairman Hugh Leatherman says the state will pay whatever it costs to fix the system and make it up to the 6.4 million people and businesses whose information was taken.

Both the House and Senate want to extend credit monitoring beyond the one year covered a contract with Experian.

As of Friday, 1.4 million people had signed up for Experian's services. Anyone else wishing to sign up has just one week to do so.