LCSD K-9 police dog now has new form of protection

K-9 Deputy Longshore with K-9 Injas / LCSD

LEXINGTON (WACH) -- The Heroes Vest Fund donated a tailored-made body armor vest Saturday to a Lexington County Sheriff's Dept. K-9 Unit police dog. The vest was donated to K-9 Injas, who works with K-9 Deputy R.D. Longshore.

The Heroes Vest Fund has also purchased a body armor vest for K-9 Ronin, who works with K-9 Sgt. Derek Applegate. Lexington County Sheriff James Metts says the vest will be officially donated to K-9 Ronin at a later date.

As a result of citizens TM generosity in donating money to Heroes Vest Fund, we will equip all six of our agency TMs K-9 police dogs with body armor vests, Metts said. This specialized equipment, which is difficult to buy through the normal governmental budget process, protects the K-9 police dogs that help fulfill our agency TMs mission of providing professional law enforcement services that enhance the quality of life for all people in Lexington County.

Each body armor vest is specially manufactured in order to fit the body shape of each K-9 police dog. The vests are designed so that the police dogs can wear the vests the entire time they're working with their assigned handlers.