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      Lead investigator: Brett Parker gave different stories about Ascot Estates shootings

      The longest testimony came from lead investigator Travis Holdorf, with Richland County Sheriff's Department.

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Brett Parker's double murder trial was off to a late start Tuesday, but once it began, a steady flow of witnesses continued through the afternoon break.

      The longest testimony came from lead investigator Travis Holdorf, with Richland County Sheriff's Department.

      Holdorf read Parker's statement he made the day of the shootings, saying that Parker had shot Bryan Capnerhurst in self-defense after Capnerhurst shot his wife Tammy when Capnerhurst came to Parker's home to collect money he was owed.

      Holdorf testified that significant details of his story changed, saying Parker also denied any problems in his marriage and involvement in online gambling.

      The investigator testified that Parker said he has $20,000 in his attic safe, however the next day, they checked and only found two stacks of one dollar bills with $100 bills on top The bills only added up to less than $400.

      In the statement, Parker said he could explain. He had booking sheets in his car and was waiting to collect the rest from people who owed him.

      Harry Benenhaley, who's currently serving a sentence on a gambling charge, also took the stand shedding more light on gambling debt Parker had accumulated.

      Parker, who's being accused of shooting his wife Tammy Jo and friend Bryan Capnerhurst owed almost $200,000 through an online gambling site.

      Benenhaley testified that Parker had an account under his name and another under the name "Hal." Benenhaley worked with Lanny Gunter who testified Monday, and they ran an online gambling site.

      Tammy Jo's father Jerry Carswell also testified about his daughter.

      Parker's defense attorney Mark Whitlark. came out of the gate hard during cross examinations. Whitlark asked Carswell numerous questions about his son-in-law.

      Carswell testified that at first, he and his family supported Parker after the shootings.

      Tammy Jo's father testified that Parker "always put himself before anyone else."

      Whitlark and Carswell argued about Capnerhurst having a gun in his hand when he was found shot to death that day.