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      Leesville residents fighting mining operation

      LEXINGTON COUNTY (WACH) -- People who live in Leesvillle are up in arms about a potential mining operation coming to their town.

      Vulcan materials plans to break ground for a new granite quarry in Lexington County by 2016.

      Tuesday more than a hundred residents firing questions at Vulcan leaders.

      It was a heated debate but many at the meeting didn't think their questions were answered.

      People plan to continue fighting a mining operation that would bring explosives to an area that is home to several veterans suffering from PTSD.

      They argue the operation will bring more traffic and turn Leesville into a work zone, losing the quiet country living they all moved here for.

      "We have a lot of elderly folks who live around here so you have explosives going on that can really damage there ears, just disturbing the peace, we have wetlands here and right where they're going at there's a cemetery that's been there since the 1700's, since this country was established it's been there and they're just wanting to go over it like it's not there," said D ennis Crepes.

      "They just didn't have the knowledge to talk about it, you know in a forum like this. Where people had very good questions, that's not good for the people of this community," said R ussell Cumbee .

      Vulcan leaders did not want to talk to WACH Fox news after Tuesday's meeting.

      The company has 14 mining operations across South Carolina and the Leesville plant would be the third in midlands.

      Reports says it would take three years for the plant to begin operation and they would be mining for stone used in asphalt and concrete.

      This was the first meeting in Leesville between residents and Vulcan officials.

      They are planning at least one more meting with company leaders.