Lex. GOP censures Knotts for comments

The Executive Committee of the Lexington County Republican Party met Thursday evening to discuss what action should be taken against Knotts.

LEXINGTON (WACH) -- Lexington County Republicans are censuring Senator Jake Knotts and asking him to resign from his Senate seat for making a racial slur.

The Executive Committee of the Lexington County Republican Party met Thursday evening to discuss what action should be taken against Knotts after controversial comments he made on an internet political talk show last week.

"If we don't do something like this today with Mr. Knotts I'm sure we will be doing something in the future" says one committe member

"I don't want someone like that representing me" adds another commitee member

Knotts made national headlines by using the slur "ragheads" in reference to gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley and President Obama.

Knotts released the following statment responding to the action against him:

"I have apologized once for the statement made in jest, and that TMs the end of it."

"Beyond that, I will continue to fight for the freedom of speech which guarantees all Americans the right to express their opinions " in jest or otherwise " just as I did in the military many years ago."

"I certainly will not take any further action regarding this issue. I assume that any continued discussion of this matter is nothing but grandstanding by my political opponents and I will not engage in any such conversation. Mrs. Haley of all people should understand that, as she has asked that we all take her word about certain allegations leveled at her in recent days. I expect she would not hold others to any higher standard than she holds herself."

"I frankly, am unconcerned about the internal maneuverings of the Republican Party. I serve the people of Lexington County, not the Executive Committee."

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