Lexington Co. Fire Departments get new gear

Pet Oxygen Masks run about $65 per set. / Ashleigh Messervy

Locklair Farm Supply in Gaston was the place to be on Friday as 32 Lexington County Fire Departments received a set of pet oxygen masks. The effort to raise the funds needed to buy the masks was spearheaded by Sammy Stevens, of Locklair Farm Supply.

"It wasn't just me who made this happen," Stevens said. "The community helped by stopping by the store and giving whatever money they could."

Stevens teamed up with Chief Eddie Turner from the Lexington County Fire Services to spread the word. The two raised a little more than $2,000, which was enough to supply every fire station in the county. Representatives from several fire departments came to Locklairs on Friday to accept the masks.

"Because sometimes we don't know exactly what the condition of the animal is because we're not veternarian we're firefighters," said Rodney Howell with the West Columbia Fire Department. "This will actually help with what it is we have at the time."

Stevens says she hopes other communities will come together to make sure their fire departments have the masks. She says even in tough economic times, you can't put a price tag on your pet.

For more information on Project Bark 10-4 and how you can help your local fire department: