Lexington deputies training on fire rescue boat

Photo Credit: Cheryn Stone

LEXINGTON (WACH) -- Ahead of one of the busiest weekends of the year on Lake Murray, Lexington County emergency responders sharpened their skills out on the water.

In a scenario Tuesday, Sheriff Deputies and EMS reviewed techniques to rescue a person who falls overboard and is unconscious in the water. The dive teams simulated the rescue as part of many training drills on the water near Bundrick Island.

The teams expect thousands of boats on the lake during the holiday weekend and along with that comes safety concerns.

"What we are doing today is a first because we have invited our emergency service personnel in Lexington County to train with us because that is going to be what actually happens on the lake and we want it to be as real life based as possible," Deputy Billy Aiken explains.

Aiken reminds boaters to wear a flotation vest because a person may not have time to put it on and inflate it during an accident.

"Just the use of a flotation vest saves more lives than anything I can even think of in a boating accident," he added.

Sheriff James Metts says EMS and dive team members are regularly assigned to work on the water during the busy summer days.

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