Lexington officers catch car thieves

Hannah Laird

COLUMBIA (WACH) - Lexington County Sheriffâ??s Department arrested a Lexington woman and a Columbia man for breaking into cars.

Deputies arrested 19yr old Hannah Laird of Lexington and 25yr old Matthew Shelley of Columbia, and charged each of them with five counts of breaking into a motor vehicle and one count of criminal conspiracy. Authorities say Shelley and Laird unlawfully entered cars located at multiple residences near Lexington around 4:30 Monday morning. Someone saw the suspicious behavior and called police, who drove out to the area and spotted Laoird and Shelley, who told the officers they were out in the neighborhood looking for a lost dog. Laird also told officers that she lived in the neighborhood.

After recording their information, the officer continued to patrol the neighborhood and spotted a suspicious vehicle parked in an unlighted area and noticed a backpack on the ground under the car. The officer inspected the backpack and found it filled with a wallet and several electronic devices. The officer established the vehicle belonged to Laird. A short time later, both Laird and Shelley were arrested and confessed to breaking into vehicles in the neighborhood.

Sherrif Metts asked anyone with any information involving Laird and Shelley to contact investigators at CrimeStoppers at 1-888-CrimeSC.