Lexington's new emergency facility ensures aid in any situation

Lexington's new state of the art Emergency Communications and Operations Center is distinct from other response centers in a couple different ways.

One reason is the top of the line technology, but the other reason is what happens to be surrounding all the technology.

What makes the center so unique is the fact that the walls can withstand a natural disaster. That means all the technology housed inside will be kept safe from harm and you can get the emergency aid that you need, even if a hurricane blows through the Midlands.

The walls are said to be so strong they could withstand a two-by-four being hurled at it at 180 miles per hour without the wall breaking.

That kind of strength is needed to protect the technology inside that allows 911 calls to be dispatched more effectively.

The computers allow those who take 911 calls to see information about who they are getting the call from, and get that information to dispatchers more effectively.

"It's quicker. There's more information. And it would help the citizen get the information in and get help to them faster, and that's really critical when something is going on and you need help." says Sheriff Metts of Lexington county.

And all of this was done with the residents of Lexington county in mind.

"This center truly benefits Lexington county because in an emergency situation, this center will be here to ensure that we are responding to an emergency in our communities effectively." states David Kerr, the Director of Public Safety for Lexington county.

The new center is currently operational.

They are in the process of continuing to migrate all their 911 services to the new location. But if a disaster happened tomorrow, the facility could be used.

It's expected to be fully operational in the next few months.