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      Library possibly losing its liquor license due to back taxes

      COLUMBIA, S.C. (WACH) - One day after being pointed out as a bar catering to gang activity in the Five Points community, The Library may lose its liquor license due to back taxes.

      Owner Justin Kershner says he closed The Library for two weeks in order to fix the plumbing, which caused him to miss a payment on his taxes last month. As a result, his case worker with the SC Department of Revenue has asked for the full amount of Justin's back taxes totaling $19,077.71.

      "The gentleman at the South Carolina Department of Revenue said that somebody made contact with him to find out about my liquor license, and that's what they found," said Justin Kershner.

      The Library's owners were initially granted a deferment by the South Carolina Department of Revenue.

      "At two o'clock they plan on revoking our liquor license," said Anne Kershner, Justin's wife.

      Justin and Anne continue to back their story that The Library was targeted due to racial motivation.

      "Keep us open and the crowds off the street," said Anne. "Work with us, not against us."

      The couple feels they have been blindsided by law enforcement. The Kershners say authorities have not contacted them.