Lights,Camera,Recline: New reclining chairs coming to Columbia movie theater

Regal Movie theater (MGN ONLINE)

Columbia, S.C. (WACH)-- As the lights dim, the music enhances and the gigantic movie screen reminds you to turn off your cellular devices, most people are likely to prop their feet up on the back of a chair and try to relax while they watch a much-anticipated film.

The Regal Entertainment Group understands the importance of wanting to relax while watching a movie, therefore, they will be adding king-size recliners at the Regal Columbiana Grand Stadium 14 location in Columbia.

The company is replacing all of its existing theater seats with luxurious new recliners including footrests.

“Regal is redefining the level of comfort at this theater. Our guests will soon be able to stretch out, relax and recline while watching the movie,” said Rob Del Moro, Chief Technical and Theatre Operations Officer at Regal Entertainment Group.

“Regal constantly listens to our guests and looks for ways to improve. With this new concept, these luxurious recliners have scored extremely well. Moviegoers are eager to return for another visit and the opportunity to enjoy Regal’s King-Size Recliners.”

During construction, the recliners will be on display in the lobby for guests to experience the comfort of the chairs.

“Once you take the luxurious new recliners for a test drive, you’ll agree that the Regal King-Size Recliner is a star attraction,” stated Ken Thewes, Chief Marketing Officer at Regal Entertainment Group.

“The spaciousness and comfort help you lose yourself in the story and become more immersed in the movie. This combination of comfort and a pristine presentation make for a remarkable trip to the movies.”

The theater will remain open during the remodel as portions of the facility are converted.

The project will be finished by the end of the year.

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