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      Local Business owners cashing in with social media

      COLUMBIA (WACH) - Checking Facebook and sending tweets has become a regular routine for many and Columbia business owner Kelly Tabor sees it as a new way to spread the word about his shop.

      Tabor owns Good For The Sole, a shoe store in Five Points.

      He has spent years and plenty of cash on advertising, but the shoe salesman knows social media can bring him big bucks.

      "It's been a little difficult because gosh, I just learned how to use a computer 10 years ago. Every year it seems like something else new has come out," said Kelly Tabor.

      Thursday Tabor took advantage of a social media workshop, learning about keywords and hashtags.

      Tabor hashtagged a popular women's shoe company and found them on Twitter.

      He quickly saw the way Twitter can bring new faces through the door.

      "So many students up at USC use Twitter, so by hashtagging Jack Rogers I think many of the young ladies will be able to see we carry them," adds Tabor.ã??

      Heather Gurkink is a social media specialist. She says the power of social media is invaluable for business owners. In one simple tweet, you can tap into a new customer base, hashtags can target people interested in your products and doing that creates a larger presence.

      "Very personal, it taps into this level that says were not advertising to you were not pushing this in your face it's something your friends are talking about," said Heather Gurkink.

      Tabor plans on making a presence on social media right away and is sure it will have an immediate effect on his store.