Local business owners concerned with future of downtown Newberry

Local business owners in Newberry are concerned with the future of Main Street.

NEWBERRY, S.C. (WACH) -- Local business owners in Newberry are concerned with the future of Main Street.

With the closing of Blue Moon Bar, and multiple empty stores for rent in downtown, business owners decided to bring their concerns to City Council.

"When your utilities go up more in a recession or your taxes suddenly double year to year, it's definitely not helping businesses downtown grow," said Munson Summer, a local music store owner.

Newberry's Main Street has been somewhat of a revolving door, making it tough for businesses to stay.

"The last 10 years there have definitley been more businesses that opened and closed than there are businesses here now," said Summer.

Many in the area including Munson question how much the City values them and what they are doing to help.

Summer also mentioned that he feels the city has not communicated well with businesses, letting them know what there vision is for downtown.

"Well, what we have been trying to do with the merchants is to sit down and have a converstaion and discuss these issues really openly," said Jeff Shacker.

A current restaurant owner has witnessed the changes first hand on Main Street.

"Consitency is the key and even that's not a gonna guarantee people getting in the chairs; especially if they don't have the money to spend," said Steven Foulis, owner of Steven W's Downtown Bistro.

Even after 17 years of owning his downtown Newberry restaurant, Foulis admits times are tough.

"Something that I think is real important as time goes on, is that we have got to keep our young people here too and we have got to give them somehting to be here for," said Foulis.