Local businesses benefiting from tax free weekend

Local businesses benefiting from tax free weekend

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH)- It's that time of the year when school supplies, clothes, and electronics are stocked high for tax free weekend and ready for purchase.

Though name brand stores such as Sams Club, Walmart, and Best Buy look forward to the long lines, local stores are just as excited for the busy weekend.

"Locally it helps us," said Mandy Fannin, owner of Miss Cocky. â??It gives us as local vendors an opportunity to sell our goods, clothing, and apparel to our customers."

In today's economy, often time local businesses have to compete with big box stores to keep their doors open. But when times like tax free days hit, it helps local owners keep up with the pace.

Fannin says it's a great way to bring income into the community, motivating business.

She also says her business, Miss Cocky, isn't the only one benefiting from the tax free weekend, so are shoppers like her.

â??There are always the basics that you need," said Fannin. "In addition to that we have to dress our children and it's a good time to get some things that maybe aren't school uniforms, but fun stuff for their wardrobe."