Local high school to host ACL Prevention Screening for female athletes

Ben Lippen High School to host ACL Prevention screening for females

COLUMBIA (WACH)-- Ben Lippen High School will host ACL Prevention Screening on September 7th for female athletes.

Females are 4-6 times more likely to suffer from an injury to the ACL, and ground reactive forces are 5 times body weight in females and only 2.5 times body weight in males.

The average cost of ACL surgery is $11,900 with an out of pocket average of over $2300.

To raise awareness and prevention, Ben Lippen High School will offer a free Hop and Stop test. This is a 5 minute test that Ben Lippen says is proven to help predict the likelihood of an ACL injury.

This test will be implemented by the Ben Lippen High Schoolâ??s performance coach, Josh Ortegon, and the Athletic Training staff at USC Sport Medicine.

If interested, please contact Joshua Ortegon at

by Tuesday, September 3 to register for this test.