Local students hit he track to fight hunger

Heathwood Hall Episcopal School's 9th annual Turkey Trot.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Students from Heathwood Hall Episcopal School flooded the track for the Turkey Trot Tuesday.

The event raises money for Harvest Hope food bank every year.

"Since my birthday was during this fundraiser, I ask my family and friends to give money to me as part of a birthday present," said 5th grader Dubose Teller.

The stuednts are familiar with the organization, which is right down the road from their school.

"We took every grade to Harvest Hope for a field trip so they could see first hand what the food bank was all about," said

during the field trip....stuedents saw the empty shelves and learned about the shortage in food the pantry has expreienced lately ,,,,

"Right now they said they are kind of low on it, so that kind of inspired me to raise a lot of money for it," said Teller.

For each lap completed the kids get a sticker and popsicle stick which will determine which grade wins.

"They set their own personal goals to try to beat each other at running as fast as they can.I think it's wonderful that the kids can physically do something since they can't financially necessarily do that at this point in their lives they can get out there and run for that," said Melissa Spirrier, a Heathwood parent.

Heathwood's Turkey Trot has brought thousands of dollars to Harvest Hope throughout the years, and this years turkey trot brought eleven thousand more.