Local writer gaining national attention for latest novels


COLUMBIA (WACH) --- Synithina Williams always had a love for the pen.

"It started when I was six years old maybe. I started my first book I hand wrote, draw the pictures," says Synithina Williams.

But writing over the years was a challenge.

She works full time in Richland County.

She's married and has two young boys full of energy.

She says she knew she had to find a way to pursue her dreams.

"A coworker of mine decided she wanted to become a lawyer and she just up and went to law school. And I thought if she can go to law school, I can finish a book," says Williams.

And finish a book she did.

Now at 36 years old she's a romance author.

"I have 9 books published as of January 2016," says Williams.

Her stories are edgy and pretty steamy.

Her first book "You Can't Plan Love" was written in 2012.

"Two coworkers were working together on a project but the female lead was engaged to another man but the coworker was a better man for her," says Williams.

To get her feet in the door she wrote for Crimson Romance.

Here's where all the creative juices are pumped out in her writing area.

Williams says she can write a book in six to eight weeks.

She says most of her characters are based out of South Carolina.

"I like to use locations in the Midlands as a backdrop to my novels. We have alot of neat places for my characters to be connected to that are conducive to romance. We have alot of parks great restaurants in the vista," says Williams.

Although she's written for Crimson Romance she's always dreamed of writing for a major publisher. Synithina's steamy stories caught the attention of editors at a popular publishing company. She submitted a manuscript and the rest is history

"Harlequin is pretty much the name in romance," says Williams.

The Toronto-based company is known as one of the world's largest publishers of books for women. They publish more than a hundred titles a month in 34 languages on six continents. So as you can imagine it's pretty difficult to write for them.

"My first book with Harlequin actually released January of this year," says Williams.

She recently saw her new book at a Midlands Kmart.

Her next step is to make it on the big screen.

Right now she wants to be considered a Hybird author.

She says Harlequin is the right company to help her spread her wings.

She says writing comes naturally because of her environment.

"I can listen to the radio. Ill hear a song and it would inspire a book I can be watching television and see something that may inspire a book," says Williams.

Williams is gearing up for her next release on Harelquin this August.

You can find her books at local bookstores even Walmart and Kmart.

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