Long-time community member honored with street name

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WACH)-- The owner of Hill's Barber Shop and 20-year deacon of the 2nd Nazareth Baptist Church was honored by way of a street dedication Sunday afternoon.

Moses Felder unveiled the street now named after him, Moses Felder Way, which actually sits between his barber shop and the church.

Members of both the church and the Elmwood community, along with Mayor Steve Benjamin and other Columbia legislators, came together to voice their appreciation of Felder's work in the community.

Felder has owned Hill's Barber Shop for 45 years of its entire 76-year-old lifespan.

Moses Felder is noted for his outreach through the barbershop, particularly for low-income families. The shop offers things like free wi-fi for the community, some of whose families may not be able to afford it or afford the fare to the local libraries.

One woman, Patricia Prescott, says she has known Felder since she was a little girl and she always admired the example he set as a Christian and as a generally good person.

"He does so much for the community, he does outreach programs for the different communities here," said Prescott. "And he lives in my neighborhood and he goes around should see him. He picks up paper. You should see him. He's just a wonderful person and he's always been my deacon and I love him dearly."

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