Loss of South Congaree K-9 officer affecting police, community

Roger Singleton, Enzo's handler, was a best friend and a family member. The German Shepherd died Thursday after a battle with cancer.

SOUTH CONGAREE, SC (WACH) - The loss of a South Congaree Police Department K-9 Officer is affecting not only the small department, but the community as well.

Roger Singleton, Enzo's handler, said Enzo was a best friend and a family member. The German Shepherd died Thursday after a battle with cancer.

Enzo was 9 years old and served with the South Congaree Police Department for eight years.

Friday was Singleton's first day suiting up without his partner.

"Enzo would always lay on the bed, my side of the bed, on top of the covers and watch me get dressed. And there was an emptiness in the entire house this morning," said Singleton.

The emotional day continued for Singleton at work.

"Not having the panting, the barking right behind me when I'm in the patrol car is very unusual, and It's strange; something's not right," said Singleton.

Enzo spent lots of time in schools and around the community. Folks in the small town loved him.

Singleton says sometimes, suspects identified by Enzo returned to say "Hi."

For town police, his one of a kind nose can never be replaced.

"Enzo could find drugs in a vehicle without even opening a door on the vehicle. That kind of tool we had with him was very valuable," said Singleton.

Enzo sniffed out drugs until his final day, and like all dogs, he followed the scent to a treat anytime and anywhere; even at the bank.

"[He'd] always go inside the bank with me, stay around behind the counter, and knew exactly where the treats were kept. He would be on the counter nosing the bucket of treats until they started feeding him," said Singleton.

The flag at the South Congaree Police Department is flying at half staff in remembrance of Enzo, a dog who brought a smile to everyone's face and made the streets safer one day at a time.

A memorial service is scheduled for a South Congaree K-9 officer that died Thursday after a battle with cancer.

The service will take place at 4 p.m. Monday at the Ebenezer Pentecostal Holiness Church on Church Street in South Congaree.

South Congaree Police are accepting donations in Enzo's name at First Citizens Bank location across the Midlands. The donations will be used to support the department's K-9 Fund.